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AlphaScent™ For Men - Lure Her Cologne
AlphaScent™ For Men - Lure Her Cologne

🔥AlphaScent - For Men - Lure Her Cologne

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"Extremely Effective Pheromones Formula"

  • Make yourself more enchanting for women
  • Spread an aura of trust, respect and domination
  • Improve your social status and get more respect from people around you
  • Make people feel more comfortable in your presence

UNIQUE COMBINATION OF PHEROMONES for men and fragrant notes in AlphaScent for unparalleled results.


AlphaScent will “modify” your natural “ love scent”, and give you the appearance of more attractive, sociable, popular and more alpha” male.

AlphaScent Pheromone Cologne is the result of many years of scientific experiments and laboratory research in the field of influence on the subconscious of others and non-verbal communication. Our next generation formula of mens pheromones is the most effective pheromone cologne for men.


     According to betterhelp.com and bigthink.com people who produce an elevated level of pheromones tend to feel more confident and attractive and bond with others easier.


  • AlphaScent is classy, just like a designer Pheromone Cologne. The base notes have notes of cypress and Siberian cedar, giving a unique masculinity that is elegant but not vulgar.The combination of citrus, Sea Breeze, Sage and woody notes creates an ultra-masculine fragrance that every gentleman should have in his collection of perfumes.
  • Unique combination of pheromones for men and sexy fragrant notes in our pheromone cologne AlphaScent for unparalleled results. The pheromone cologne formula of AlphaScent will hit women every time due to the esters in the composition.
  • Improve your best qualities and make yourself more appealing and desirable on a deeper level with our Pheromone Cologne, AlphaScent for men.